Eye Learn Program

Originated in 2018, this program began as a Group Instructional Program to provide both Orientation and Mobility Services and Vision Rehabilitation Services to people new to vision loss through the Blueprint and Onward to Independence Programs.  In addition, individual trainings were conducted with clients on assistive technology and independent living skills.

The Eye Learn program was developed to provide both group and individual training in assistive technology, vision rehabilitation, basic orientation and mobility, and training on the use of low vision aides.  The program’s goal is for individuals with visual disabilities to live more independently in their homes and in the community.

The Eye Learn program offers the following individual trainings:

  • Basic Orientation and Mobility*
  • Cooking with Kristen
  • Technology Trainings
  • Introduction to Low Vision Aides
  • Individualized Transportation Plan
  • Low Vision Device Training
  • Reading with Low Vision

For more information on any of these sessions or to schedule one with our Vision Rehab Therapist, Kristen Boyle—
call her at 570-693-3555 x222 or email at Kristen@northeastsight.org.


We also offer Group Eye Learn programs intermittently, based on client need and interest. Group program topics include:
Adjustment to Vision Loss
-All about Apple Apps
-Feel at Home Again
-Keeping up with the Kitchen
-Magnifiers 101
-Navigating NEPA
-and our BluePrint Program

*disclaimer: is not a substitute for individualized Orientation and Mobility Training with a certified O&M Instructor and does not include cane training

Call Kristen for upcoming Dates!


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