Second Sight Legacy Society

Northeast Sight Services

The Second Sight Legacy Society was established to insure that the programs and services provided by Northeast Sight Services will continue in perpetuity. Membership in the Second Sight Legacy Society is accomplished by completing a Statement of Intent. This states that you have made or intend to make gift through your estate. The Statement of Intent is not an enforceable contract: the amount of the bequest does not have be disclosed.

A gift through the Legacy Society will be invested with Northeast Sight Services’ professionally managed endowment. The greatest benefit of belonging to the Legacy Society is the satisfaction in knowing that your long-range plans will help future generations that may require Northeast Sight Services’ life-changing services.

To become a member for the Second Sight Legacy Society or to obtain more infomation, please contact Amy at 570-693-3555 x223.


Second Sight Legacy Society

  • Anonymous*
  • Marian D. Antellocy
  • Michael Bibak
  • Estate of Tom Bigler
  • Nancy S. Brown*
  • Estate of Phyllis Canterini
  • Estate of Anna Mae Carswell
  • Estate of Mary Caverly
  • Anna Cervenak*
  • Nancy Abbott Cohen
  • Ann M. Coughlin*
  • Estate of Florence Cohen
  • Estate of Rosalie F. Cohen
  • Mary Erwine*
  • Estate of Naomi R. Evans
  • Alma and I. Eric Feldman Endowment Fund*
  • Estate of Rosamond M. Fisher
  • Louis F. Goeringer*
  • Richard M. Goldberg*
  • Homer and Melinda Graham*
  • Chris and Ramah Hackett*
  • Colin R. Keefer*
  • Melanie Maslow Kern*
  • Estate of Elizabeth Kovach
  • Estate of Helene C. Kretchik
  • Mr, and Mrs. Gary Lambert*
  • Estate of Stanley J. Lewondowski
  • Joseph Leyba*
  • Estate of Margaret Monforte
  • Brian and Marcy O’Donnell*
  • Leigh Pawling*
  • Shep Pawling*
  • Ron Petrilla*
  • Thomas E. Pugh*
  • Estate of Bessie Renowden
  • Tom Robinson*
  • Estate of Rose M. Rodda
  • Constance Scott*
  • Jill F. Schwartz
  • Estate of Susan C. Sinzdak
  • Robert and Wilhelmina Stanley*
  • Bobbie Steever*
  • John and Jennifer Throop
  • Dolores Troskoski Trust
  • Estate of Walter J. Van Loon
  • Estate of Isabel Voeste
  • Elizabeth S. Walter
  • Caroline Youngman*

*Founding Members

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