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The purpose of the Marilyn Moore Maslow Vision Resource Center is to ensure that individuals in our local communities have access to sight, whether it be through a high powered magnifier from the Vision Resource Center or a basic pair of affordable prescription frames. Our goal is to help you see better.

  • Vision  Resource Center

Our newly renovated Vision Resource Center is a one-stop shop for practical tools that enhance work, home life and leisure for people with vision loss. We offer products designed to make everyday tasks easier. Our trained staff can help you select the best aids for your needs. Choose from a number of unique items for all ages from 0-100!

We strongly suggest making an appointment to check out our store, so our Vision Resource Manager or Low Vision Doctor can help you select the best items to meet your specific needs.

Contact Kristen today to make appointment at 570-693-3555 x222.

  • Low Vision Clinic

Our Low Vision Clinic is housed within our Vision Resource Center.  Anthony Silvetti, OD, has operated the Low Vision Clinic here since April 2014. Dr. Silvetti graduated from Bloomsburg University, the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and completed an externship at the Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia. He spends about two hours with each patient to truly assess the client’s useable vision and then determines which low vision aids can help them.

Low vision refers to vision loss that can no longer be restored with eye glasses or contact lenses. Many individuals who have low vision can benefit from a low vision assessment.  A low vision assessment differs from a routine eye exam to evaluate a patient for glasses. Instead it evaluates how to enhance the patient’s remaining vision. The low vision doctor asks the patient about their health history, what medications they are taking and what their living arrangements are, such as living independently or in assisted living. The doctor will ask them what activities they would like to do that they can’t do now, such as watch television, write checks, take a walk, read the newspaper, or see faces. Low vision is not strictly related to aging.

The Low Vision Clinic is open every Friday. To learn more, call 570-693-3555 x224 or email Sara.

  • Gift of Sight/Low Cost Prescription Eyeglasses

These programs help ensure that individuals in our local community have access to affordable basic eye exams and to prescription eyeglasses. Consistent with Northeast Sight Services’ goal of Preventing Blindness, this program provides improved vision that empowers adults and children to pursue a better quality of life for themselves and their communities.

To participate, individuals must be residents of our service area, meet financial guidelines and provide proof of income. Basic eye exams are then scheduled with a participating eye doctor. The Low Cost Prescription Eyeglass program requires the same, but individuals must also have a recent eyeglass prescription (no more than two years old).  Eyeglasses start at $40 (for single vision) and $59 (for bi-focals) but cost is often dependent on the needs of the patient. To see if you qualify and to make an appointment, please call Amy at 570-693-3555 ext. 225 or send us an email.

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