Camp Sight

Northeast Sight Services

Camp Sight is a summer day camp for blind and visually impaired youth.  This much needed instructional program teaches children the daily living and socialization skills they need to become independent, productive members of the community.  There is no other program of this type in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

But Camp Sight is so much more than just an educational program.  It is also tons of fun! Often times, blind and visually impaired children are not able to participate in the same activities as their sighted peers and therefore miss out on many fun experiences.  Camp Sight gives the children the opportunity to enjoy activities they never have before such as horse back riding, archery, ice skating, rock climbing, and much more.

Camp Sight is for children ages 5-17. We are working on plans for Camp 2020 and hope to have updates out to everyone soon!

For more information on the program, please contact Kristen at 570-693-3555 x222.

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